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We're a central Ohio charity delivering wagons and Christmas hope to families in need!

A bright shiny wagon under the tree. It’s a simple pleasure that every child deserves ... Don’t you agree?

Wagons Ho Ho Ho and our volunteers built and donated 800 bright shiny wagons filled with Christmas dinner to Ohio families in need!

WE NEED YOUR HELP for 2016! We will be providing all the ingredients for a Christmas dinner supplied in each wagon and you could be a sponsor of a food item now! How great would it be if you could tell everyone you sponsored Christmas dinner for the community's neediest families! Talk to us today and you could be the talk of the town tomorrow. We'll be packing all of the food for each wagon on December 3, 2016 during our build day.


See our 2015 pictures!

Order your limited edition T-shirt now! 100% of profits go to our families in need.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho TShirt

Four ways you can help:
1. Donate so we may provide more wagons for children in need
2. Donate Christmas food items that will be included in each wagon
3. Hold a non-perishable food drive
4. Build wagons on December 3, 2016!

*Wagons Ho Ho Ho is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.

Donate to our charity

Volunteer to Build:



       8 am - 11 am        11 am - 2 pm       2 pm - 4 pm    

      bagging donated food       building wagons    

Consider making a cash donation. Each wagon costs $100, but donations as little as $10 are always loved!

Collect canned food in your office or neighborhood. Bring your collection to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank during the build and we'll celebrate you front and center with the rest of our volunteers!

Ask your employer to become a sponsor. Be a king for a day ... every donation helps us to achieve our goal. ... Because every child deserves a Christmas.