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Wagons Ho Ho Ho Establishes First Outside Board of Directors

Wagons Ho Ho Ho, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to assembling bright, red wagons filled with Christmas dinner for families in dire need during the holiday season, announces it has established its first board group. Complete with a total of seven members, the board includes Merilee Wagner, philanthropist, Chris Sipko, Sipko Exhibit Company, Ginny Etienne, philanthropist and Executive Director of Heart of Ohio Santas, Stephanie Dailey D'Amico, SourceLink, Sarah Walters, RMD Advertising and Sue Reninger and Donn Ditzhazy, Co-Founders of Wagons Ho Ho Ho. The board group will not only help to solidify Wagons Ho Ho Ho’s decisions as the charity embarks on continued growth, but also help to expand overall reach. Each board member brings decades of knowledge to the table.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho is what volunteers might refer to as an “overnight success story”. In 2008, it began in a humble effort to build and fill 25 red wagons with enough food to feed a family of four Christmas dinner. Today, 11 years later, with the extraordinary help of over 700 volunteers and generous donations from community partners, Wagons Ho Ho Ho is able to build and distribute 1,500 red wagons filled with food. This growth has encouraged the organization to rely on the strengths and knowledge of today’s board.

“With the establishment of a formal board, we’re making a statement about Wagons Ho Ho Ho,” shares Sue Reninger, Co-Founder and Present Board Member of Wagons Ho Ho Ho. “We’re projecting momentous growth for this incredible charity, and with the help of our board, we’ll be able to help more families and serve more children each holiday season. For us, we always turn to our mission, and that alone inspires us to continue growing.”

Wagons Ho Ho Ho was named a Top Rated Charity of 2018 by Great Nonprofits, a title that was given with the nomination by and referrals from community members touched by the charity’s work. Demonstrating Wagons Ho Ho Ho’s dedication to serving Central Ohio and beyond, the title as a Top Rated Charity bolsters the organization’s credibility and impact. With the newly established board and recognition, Wagons Ho Ho Ho’s goal to expand its reach beyond Columbus and surrounding areas will become a more tangible reality – with recognition that now comes with the charity’s name.

About Wagons Ho Ho Ho

Wagons Ho Ho Ho is a 501(c)3 charity, founded on the goal of delivering Christmas hope to children and families in need during the holidays. The organization works year-round to fundraise, source and purchase red wagons so that these wagons can be assembled and stuffed with a Christmas dinner, and then delivered to children who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas. The wagons are built in just one day by more than 700 volunteers who come together with the hopes of contributing to families in a unique way during the holiday season. Wagons Ho Ho Ho is a 100% volunteer run organization, and 100% of every dollar received by the organization goes towards wagons and food for children and their families. The organization is powered on the belief that every child deserves a Christmas.


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